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Completely for Agriculture, Ant Pest Control, Bed Bug, Flies, Rat or Rodent, Lizard, Cockroaches, these are basic pest problem we encounter in our surroundings. PestEyes Strategies are very powerful to deter them.


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Electronic Insect Control: This sort of pest control is usually called electromagnetic insect control. This device makes use of the cables in your walls of your condo to give out frequencies that will annoy the rodent or insects nervous system.

Ultrasonic Rodent Control: This involves a miniature device that is put into your outlet that gives off ultrasonic sound waves. These should best be used for rodents and some insects but aren't affective against spiders and ants.


Commercial Bug and Rodent Control: This sort of pest control could be required if you see any bugs or rodents around your work building. This is chiefly important if you happen to have a public space.

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